ebswien hauptkläranlage

“We’ll clear it up” is the declared motto of ebswien hauptkläranlage Ges.m.b.H. As a service provider of the City of Vienna, we clean all of Vienna’s wastewater and thereby significantly contribute to the protection of the environment. By modelling their work on nature, our employees do their best to assure that we consistently accomplish our ambitious goal, which is to see the Danube’s waters off the same clean way we welcomed them into the city.  


ebswien tierservice

ebswien tierservice Ges.m.b.H. Nfg KG makes an important contribution to the protection of human and animal health. Its main task is to disinfect pathogenic organisms and disrupt potential pathways for infection. Under a contract with the Municipality of Vienna, the company collects and accepts for disposal dead animals and animal by-products in Vienna. For animal keepers in the city area of Vienna this service is free.


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