Screening plant

In the second installation of the mechanical cleaning stage most of the solids and suspended particles carried along with the wastewater are removed by coarse and fine screens with 8 resp. 3 mm openings. This allows to hold back plastic packaging, rags, or sanitary items.

Revolving scrapers with their tines reach into the screen bar openings to remove the filtered-out scraps. The scraps are dewatered, intermediately stored in containers and passed on to Wien Energie, where they serve as fuel for district heating. The screens remove around 10 to 15 tonnes of solids from the city’s wastewater weekly.

Technical parameters

  • 6 coarse & 6 fine screens
  • Width: 3 resp. 3.2 m each
  • Screen bar openings: 8 resp. 3 mm
  • Water depth at screen during low flow: approx. 1.8 resp. 2.9 m

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