Author of the website:
ebswien hauptkläranlage Ges.m.b.H.
1110 Vienna, 11. Haidequerstraße 7
Telephone: +43 1 76 099

DVR-Nr.: 0474061
VAT identification no.: ATU39056506
Corporate seat: Vienna
Commercial register:  FN111306k
Commercial court: Commercial court of Vienna
Chamber affiliation: Vienna Economic Chamber

Web design:
St. Ulrichsplatz 4
1070 Vienna

Typo3 programming: 
atomicboy * websites | online shops | grafikdesign
Möllwaldplatz 2
1040 Vienna

Object of the company:
The object of the company is the provision of all kinds of disposal services.

Statement on the general purpose of the medium:
The medium primarily publishes contents related to wastewater treatment in Vienna and similar environmental issues.

Corporate Units:

Ing. Christian Gantner, Director General
DI Franz Klager, Authorised Signatory (Prokurist)

Supervisory Board:
Gerhard Mörtl (Chair)
Dir. DI Andreas Ilmer (1st Vice-Chair)
Michaela Schatz (2nd Vice-Chair)
Dir. DI Gerhard Fida
Mag.a Ulrike Löschl
DI Günther Schmalzer
Mag.a Simone Unterfrauner
Labour Relations Officers:
Martin Brodtrager
Andreas Koch
Petra Piesel
DI Dr. Gerald Wandl

Ownership interest:
City of Vienna (100%)

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