How to get to us

Our address:
ebswien hauptkläranlage Ges.m.b.H.
11.Haidequerstr. 7
1110 Vienna

Please note that there is not just one “Haidequerstr.”!

By public transport

To get to ebswien hauptkläranlage, take the underground line U3 and get off at Enkplatz station. Then catch the local bus (76A or 76B) to “11.Haidequerstraße”. The public transport service Scotty (right bottom corner of this page) is a convenient service to help you plan your trip by public transport..

By car

Here you can directly plan your route if you intend to travel by bus or car.


To 11. Haidequerstraße 7,
1110 Wien
 Departure Arrival

ebswien hauptkläranlage Ges.m.b.H. - 11. Haidequerstr. 7 - A-1110 Wien - T: +43 1 76 099 -