Clean wastewater, clean electricity

Wastewater treatment plants are among a city’s most energy-consuming facilities. To optimally clean all of the city’s wastewater, ebswien hauptkläranlage uses only roughly one percent of the city’s overall energy consumption. We have clear plans in place to fully cater to the energy needs for our entire operation with renewable energy sources starting in the year 2020, and we are well on track to accomplish this goal.

Energy has been a central issue in our work for many years. The sustainable management of resources which we use and our responsibility and clear commitment towards climate protection, to which we refer in our mission statement, are the key drivers of our efforts.

To transition away from our dependency on fossil fuels, we have been striving for years to increase our plant’s energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. This has helped us to replace some of our conventional fuels with renewable ones and to reduce our electricity consumption by 11 percent. In our project “SternE – Strom aus erneuerbarer Energie“ (electricity from renewable energy) we used only solar energy, water and wind power.
The ISO 50001 certified energy management system obtained by ebswien hauptkläranlage in 2012 also comprises procurement procedures and information technologies (“green IT“).

“E_OS – Energy_Optimisation Sludge Treatment” is the name of ebswien hauptkläranlage’s most ambitious energy project to date, for which preparations already in full swing. The sewer gas will be produced from sewage sludge in 35-metre-high digesters and converted into electricity and heat in co-generation plants. Construction activities for the new sludge treatment unit will start in 2015 and are scheduled for completion after a six-year construction period while the plant remains fully operational. From 2020, we will be able to cover our plant’s own energy demand with energy from this renewable source. With a reduction of CO2 equivalent emissions by 40,000 tonnes annually, this will be an important milestone on the path to achieving Vienna’s climate protection targets.

Visible energy

Making energy visible is a real challenge. With the “pump-bike“, a pedal-powered generator built by the apprentices of ebswien hauptkläranlage, energy becomes at least a “physical” experience. Try it out for yourself!

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