We’ll clear it up.

More than 160 employees at ebswien hauptkläranlage are committed to purifying all of Vienna’s wastewater. More than 6,000 litres per second are fed into the treatment plant, enough to fill 30 bathtubs up to the brim with water. 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Our wastewater treatment system is modelled on nature. Microorganisms and bacteria biologically degrade pollutants in the wastewater as they would in natural waters – up to 100,000 kg of carbon, 30,000 kg of nitrogen and 5,000 kg of phosphorus daily. Thanks to the sophisticated plant technology, this process takes place much more quickly and more effectively than in a natural environment. 20 hours later, the purified water leaves the plant to return to the Danube River via the Danube Canal.

Thanks to the excellent purification rates of our treatment plant we can achieve our goal, which is to see the Danube’s waters off the same clean way we welcomed them into the city. This is our contribution towards environmental protection and quality of life in Vienna.

Christian Gantner, Director General

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