Our mission for quality, safety and the environment

We’ll clear it up: as a service provider of the City of Vienna, ebswien hauptkläranlage cleans the city’s entire wastewater and thereby significantly helps to protect the environment. Our goal is to see the Danube’s waters off the same clean way we welcomed them into the city. We take nature as a model for our work. Our management is committed to maintaining the highest level of quality in safety, health, environmental protection and energy efficiency.

Further development
We continuously strive to improve our performance. To this end, we use an integrated management system in which all operational processes are depicted and continuously evaluated.

The safety and health of our employees is a top priority for us. We therefore place the utmost importance on occupational safety and the promotion of health awareness.

Legal safety
It goes without saying that we strictly adhere to all relevant legal standards. We maintain close cooperation with decision makers at the scientific, authority and political level to develop the fundamentals for future standards.

Environmental protection
All our activities are guided by the spirit to treat the resources we use in a responsible, precautionary and sustainable way and to keep our ecological footprint minimal.

Economic efficiency
Our company operates along economic principles and spends the fee payer’s money wisely.

Energy & climate protection
Wastewater treatment is a process that devours a lot of energy. We accept our responsibility to protect the climate and use a diversified mix of renewable sources of energy. By regularly analysing and optimising our operations we continuously increase the energy efficiency of our company.

Our employees
The success of our company rests on the shoulders of our competent and motivated employees. This is why we support their personal development. We expect all our employees to commit themselves to the goal we all share.

We actively engage in a dialogue with our employees as well as with the general public and pursue an open and clear approach to communication.

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