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Provincial Government of Vienna approves EIA report

Christian Gantner. © Felicitas Matern

"A milestone": Christian Gantner, Director General of ebswien

The EIA report for the project "E_OS Energy Optimisation through Sludge Treatment" at ebswien hauptkläranlage was officially approved by the Provincial Government of Vienna in its meeting on May 13, 2014. "The successful completion of this EIA process marks an important milestone in our E_OS project," says Christian Gantner, Director General of ebswien. Upon completion of this regulatory procedure, a Europe-wide invitation to tender for individual subproject will be sent out in due course. "We are fully on track to meet our project goals as planned," Gantner adds. "Construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2015."

E_OS: Sewer gas helps to protect the climate

Thanks to the E_OS project, ebswien hauptkläranlage will become energy autarkic as of 2020: reinvestments in the plant's primary sedimentation and first biological cleaning stages create sufficient space to accommodate a sludge treatment system. The latter consists of six digesters, each 30 metres high, where the sewage sludge derived from the wastewater treatment process is fermented under anaerobic conditions. The resulting sewer gas - two thirds of which is energy-rich methane - is converted to energy in co-generation plants. The E_OS project is carried out while the wastewater treatment plant is in full operation, resulting in a construction period of around six years. As of 2020, ebswien hauptkläranlage will be able to cover its electricity demand - one percent of Vienna's overall consumption - entirely with renewable energy derived from sewer gas. This truly is an important contribution to the accomplishment of Vienna's climate protection targets.